About Us

not open to the general public

Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club was incorporated in 1936 to encourage legal, organized rifle and pistol shooting among the citizens of the United States residing in the New York Metro area, with a strong emphasis on safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as improved marksmanship. To promote and foster those characteristics of good fellowship: honesty, self- discipline, team play and self reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism. To conduct individual and team competitions with firearms within the membership of the club and between individuals and teams representing this club and those representing other similar clubs and organizations. To own, maintain and operate a shooting range for the use of members, visiting guests and teams. To read about Colonial's history click here.

Colonial's Range is located on a 7 acre, wooded plot in the Charleston section of Staten Island, on Arthur Kill Road which is it's original location. The range is an outdoor facility with a 21 point, 50 yard pistol range with turning targets at 25 yards and a 9 point, 200 yard rifle range with a stepped berm at 100 yards. The ranges are separated by a bullet-proof wall and are operated independently. We have a large heated clubhouse and separate rest-room facilities for men and women. Off the street parking can accommodate 60 cars.

The range is not open to the general public. You must be a member, have a membership application submitted, or be a guest of a member to use the range. The only exception to this rule are regularly scheduled matches. The general public may participate in our matches as guests. You must follow all range rules and procedures when using our facility. You must supply all of your own equipment. The club doesn't sell or rent firearms or equipment. The club doesn't sell ammunition or reloading components. All competitors and firearms must be properly licensed in the state in which they reside.

We invite you to explore our site and visit the range. The best time to visit are match days, usually Sunday mornings. You'll find the largest number of members there at that time. More importantly, match Sundays are the ONLY days the entry gate to the range is kept unlocked for visiting competitors and other guests. For the safety of our members, friends and neighbors, the gate is securely locked all other times. For additional information, please see the contact page.

The range is located at 4484 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY 10309.