Membership Requirements

A. The Club’s By-Laws provide that membership is available only to those who are:
  • United States Citizens
  • Twenty-One (21) years of age or older
  • a member of the N.R.A.
    (You are requested to join or renew your membership through Colonial.)
  • ALL APPLICANTS - PLEASE NOTE: You MUST possess either, a N.Y.C. Pistol License or a N.Y.C. Long Arms Permit BEFORE you can be granted annual membership. (New Jersey and out of city residents must possess a NJ firearms ID or corresponding local permit, if applicable. Both NJ and out of city residents are restricted, by NY City Admin Code, to long arms only) If you have applied for a license from the N.Y.P.D. but have not yet received it, please state that on your application. Exceptions: Any Federal, State or Local Government Peace Officer and active members of the U.S. Military.
B. Please download the membership application packet for complete instructions. Applications will be processed only as outlined on the cover sheet of of this complete application package. NO OTHER PROCEDURES WILL BE USED. DO NOT RELY ON ANY OTHER VERBAL OR WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS. Applications must be accompanied by two passport size/quality color pictures, two self-addressed stamped envelopes, all forms fully completed and a signed letter including; your name, address and the date, describing your shooting experience and stating why you would like to become a member of the Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club.
DO NOT MAIL YOUR CHECK WITH THE APPLICATION - BRING IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU ATTEND THE EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING. After mailing the required documents, you must appear in person at an Executive Board meeting. Executive Board meetings are held the second Friday of every month at the Range Clubhouse. Applicants must arrive at 5:30 pm SHARP. Prospective members will be interviewed at this time. You must bring a $200.00 non-refundable check or money order (no cash) made payable to Colonial Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. when you attend the Executive Board Meeting.
C. After attending a Range Orientation, given the Sunday after the Executive Board Meeting at 1:00 pm SHARP, as a prospective member, you will be given:
  1. An identification card, which you MUST wear at the Range and at Club meetings.
  2. A range activity card on which you should have entries made as evidence of your work parties, range activities and attendance at meetings.
  3. A copy of the Range Rules and Range Procedures which you should study carefully. These rules and procedures must be observed at all times.
D. During the time you are a prospective member, you will be expected to:
  1. Participate in at least 4 scheduled work parties and perform those tasks for which you are competent.
  2. Be present at and participate in at least 8 range activities.
  3. Attend at least 2 regular monthly meetings of the Club.
  4. Attend a range orientation class.
  5. Pass a practical safety proficiency test.
E. You will remain a prospective member until all membership requirements are fulfilled. When you complete the requirements outlined in Section D. your application will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If the Executive Committee is satisfied that you have demonstrated genuine interest in the Club, have handled yourself in a safe manner and are willing to participate, you will be considered for regular membership. All membership requirements must be fulfilled within 6 months. If you do not complete all requirements within the 6 month probationary period, your application will become void and you will be required to submit a new application.
F. The Initiation Fee for regular membership is $200.00 for those who have satisfactorily fulfilled the work party requirement described in D-1 above.
  1. For those who do not met this requirement, but meet all other requirements,
    the fee is $500.00 plus the $200.00 initiation fee.
G. Dues are currently $335.00 per calendar year. In addition, each member is assessed a $25.00 work party incentive fee which is refundable upon the completion of the yearly work party obligation. Dues for your first year are pro-rated.
Click here to download a complete membership information packet (pdf file - includes instructions, requirements, application, range rules and range procedures).
Our range rules and range procedures are available separately here.