Small-Bore Rifle Silhouette Matches

NRA Approved Silhouette Matches


2024 Dates: 4-20-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 5-18-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 6-15-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 7-20-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 8-17-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 9-21-24 NRA Rifle Silhouette.
(3rd Saturday of the month)

Match Results: 4-18-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 5-16-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 6-20-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 7-18-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 8-15-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette, 9-19-20 NRA Rifle Silhouette.

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Rules: Current N.R.A. Rules Apply.
• Open to all NRA Members.
• NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Classifications will be used.
• If you do not have a current N.R.A. Score book, they are available, for $13.00.

Fees: 1 Gun $9.00, 2 Guns $15.00

Time: Set-up 8:15 am. Registration 8:45 (preference given to those who help set-up). Sight in 9.00 - 9.30. Match starts 9:30.

Match Program: NRA Approved Match. 80 shot aggregate, shot as two 40-shot matches. Chickens @ 40 yds, Pigs @ 60 yds, Turkeys @77 yds and Rams at 100 yds.

• Eye & Ear Protection Required. Colonial R&PC safety rules must be followed.
• Only Standard Velocity Ammunition may be used.
• Open Chamber Indicators must be used. (Available for $2.00.)
• Competitors will re-set their own targets and spot for other shooters.
• Ties; for match winner will be broken by shoot-off, for classes
by reverse animal count. (T, R, C, P)

Awards: will be based on Aggregate scores. Match Winners and Class awards (based on number of participants) will be given.
• 10 in a row pins will be awarded to AAA and Master shooters.
• 5 and 10 in a row pins will be awarded to Unclassified, B, A, and AA shooters.

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